Sound files for Steninge Tale Trail

Here you will find links to downloadable MP3 format sound files for Steninge Tale Trail. By downloading them before you hit the trail, you won’t need to rely on cell phone coverage during your excursion.

For iPhone it is unfortunately not possible to download MP3 files directly to your phone. You have to download them to your computer, import to iTunes and then synchronize iTunes with your phone.

For Android phones it is usually possible to download directly to the phone, but the method may vary with the cell phone model. The following method often works: Press and hold the MP3 link to bring out a menu from which you select “Save link”. The sound file is then downloaded to the phone, and can be played from the internal music player.

Stora Skär (Big Skerry)

Höjesten (Tall Stone)

Stora Trollstenen (Big Troll Stone)