Here you will find downloadable audio files in mp3 format for “Excursions in Ingeland”. It can be practical to download them in advance to a computer or phone, so you do not have to rely on mobile coverage during your trip. But it can unfortunately be a bit complicated to do …

For iPhone it is not possible to download mp3 files directly to the phone. You have to download them to a computer, then import to the iTunes application and then sync iTunes with the phone.

For Android phones it is usually possible to download directly to the phone, but it depends a little on which phone model you have. Often this method works: Press and hold the link to bring up a menu, and then select “Save link”. The audio file is then downloaded and can then be played with the phone’s built-in music player.


Steninge vandrarhem – ett vandrarhem för vandrare

1. Berättelsen om Stora skär och Steninge strand

2.  Berättelsen om Höjesten

3.  Berättelsen om Stora Trollstenen

4.  Berättelsen om Kung Inges hög

5.  Berättelsen om Molomberget

Berättelsen om Himlasprång och andra aktiviteter

Dikten Strandkväde