Steninge fairytale trail

An adventure for children, inspired by Alf Hambe

Stora Skär picture shows Dog Cousins Semlan and Stella in Steninge. Writer: Johan Lantz

We have developed Steninge fairytale trail from Alf Hambe’s adventurous and wistful world of elves, trolls and magical stones which have been interpreted into child-friendly versions by Kent Hultquist (the author of the book The Dog Cousins).

The fairytale trail starts and stops at Steninge Coastal Station where you can get your own map which can be found at the reception.

Walking at an average pace, it takes about two hours to experience Steninge fairytale trail.

Together with the Dog Cousins, Semlan and Stella, you’ll visit three important places in Steninge which have inspired Alf Hambe’s ballads and poems. The three places are:
Stora Skär (Big Skerry)
Höjesten (Tall Stone)
Stora Trollstenen (The Big Troll Stone)

You can either print out the three stories which can be found below as PDF files and recite them when you arrive at the right place. Or you can download the sound files to your phone or tablet and listen to them when you arrive.

We hope that you will have an exciting, fun and enriching adventure with Steninge’s Tale Trail. Draw or write something about your experience when you come back. Now, the adventure begins!