Family-hiking at Steninge fairytale trail

On the fairytale trail the children (and the adults), will enjoy the nature and the culture of the area ingeniously and in a fun way. The fairytales, inspired by the well-known local poet Alf Hambe and decoded by the author Kent Hultqvist, give the hikers on the fairytale trail numerous fun fantasy-boosts connected to the selected sights of Steninge. Map and information for self-guiding is included.

The family-hiking package on Steninge fairytale trail is a sustainble and thrilling mini-adventure for children and childish adults. Price för Hi Hostel members = 645 SEK for adults and 540 SEK for children (4-15 years). Non Hi Hostel members = 695 SEK for adults and 590 SEK for children (4-15 years). Children below 4 years not needing a separate bed pay no fee.

The offer includes (among other things) one night in family room with bedlinen and towels at the cosy Steninge Coastal Station, our popular organic breakfast buffee, pancake-pic-nic on the hike and a mini-treasure-hunt on the beach where we pick up waste from the sea and learn about shells, seaweed and crabs. (See detailed information on what the package includes below.)

The hike on the fairytale trail is based on fairytales, which you can listen to as sound-files via your handy or you can read the pdf-files IRL (like you did back in the days 😊.) The hike gives inspiration to free movement and to experience fun and thrilling things in the nature. At Steninge Coastal Station we like to offer sustainable experiences within the area of nature-tourism without performance requirements – and Steninge fairytale trail is a a good example of such an experience. A hike on the fairytale trail lasts about 2 hours and is suitable for children between 4 and 11 years. The trail is possible to access with stroller and even walker if needed.

 This is included in the family-hiking-package:

  • Lodging in a family-room one night at Steninge Coastal Station – 200 metres from the sea (Kattegatt) and even closer to the nature reserve area called The Steninge shore. All our rooms in the old wooden-building from the 1930´s are newly renovated and cosy designed. Sheets and towels are included in the price. Most rooms do not have shower and toliet connected, but the sanitary areas are always close, tiled and well-kept.
  • Breakfast buffee one morning. The Coastal Station is actually world famous for our breakfast made by mainly organic and vegetarian products. In the porridgebar, where we serve different types of porridge made by a lot of love – by the two-time world champion of porridge, Per Carlsson. If your are interested in developing your knowledge of porridge or your porridge cooking skills this is the place for you. Even for those of you who are not so fond of porridge there will be healthy and good-tasting alternatives for example home-made smoothie, home-made bread and organic eggs.
  • Pancake pic-nic for the fairytaletrail hike. Home-made pancakes with jam, fruit, water, squash/coffee/tea is included.
  • Fairytale trail-map with self-guiding instructions. The hike takes around 2 hours.